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What's new on the 105th's web site:

10/30/11 Many more pictures and videos added as well as a manual of price list on personal clothing and equipage. You can find it in the paperwork section under Office.

9/14/11 Added more event pictures and updated the bazooka page.

8/21/11 Added additional events to the unit calendar.

8/20/11 Edited links page with new vendors.

8/6/11 Many more pictures added for 2011 events.

7/25/11 Added another camoflage book to the engineer bibliography.

7/17/11 Added page on various statistics about WWII soldiers, production, and losses.

6/19/11 Pictures added from 2011 events. Calendar updated to eliminate Flying Cloud air show.

5/15/11 Pictures from Lowell, Indiana, 2011.

3/1/11 More pictures posted for Rockford, 2010.

2/26/11 The calendar continues to be updated as event details come in. Added photos from the 2009 Big Lake tactical.

1/16/11 Unit calendar and gun show calendars updated for 2011.

1/2/11 Added a page on how to simulate fire with a bazooka.

12/26/10 Updated bibliography of engineer manuals to include another camoflage manual.

12/24/10 Added postage stamps to the paperwork page.

12/18/10 2011 calendar posted and added a new vendor.

8/29/10 Added a hundred plus pictures from Marty and Ross covering 2007 - 2010.

8/15/10 More Fort Snelling pictures from 2010.

7/29/10 Updated the water can refurbishing page with my experiences.

7/27/10 Added More invasion money to the paperwork section

7/26/10 Added Camp Hastings photos.

6/6/10 Put in more photos from 2010 events.

5/22/10 Added a manual for the 20 man cook outfit in the miscelaneous paperwork section.

5/8/10 Added more pictures of 2010 events and a book on WWI slang to the bibliography page.

5/4/10 Added a page on how to identify WWII pup tents.

4/11/10 Added link to a 30th ID film that's currently in production. Link is on the bilbiography page.

3/31/10 Gallery updated with 2009 & 2010 photos. Added first person worksheet to the paperwork section.

1/31/10 Calendar and photo album updated.

1/10/10 Calendar updated.

1/01/10 2010 membership application uploaded.

11/23/09 2010 calendar started.

11/22/09 Added a column on how to purport yourself in polite society. Look for it in the paperwork section as "Back to the States."

11/20/09 Added a carbon paper wrapper to the paperwork section.

10/11/09 Added a war bonds postacrd to the paperwork section. Bayonet training course curriculum from Fort Benning.

10/05/09 Posted a page on how to get a proper haircut for a soldier.

10/04/09 Added another book to the bibliography. More photos from 2009 events posted.

10/01/09 Posted a page on how to refurbish your water can. Look for it on the equipment care & cleaning page.

9/22/09 Added a manual on how to pack a field desk.

9/21/09 More photos added.

8/31/09 Updated the calendar with additional events

8/27/09 Added photos to the gallery for the 2008 CAF benefit.

8/24/09 Posted a link to an interview of Lowell Richardson, a 105th veteran. You can find the link in the historical gallery.

8/4/09 Updated calendar with additional events. Added pictures of Camp Hastings event.

6/24/09 And Fort Snelling pictures added.

6/21/09 Added Traxler's pictures.

5/28/09 Added pictures from Historical Society event and instructions on how to wear leggings.

4/27/09 It's time to start adding 2009 photos. First event of the year has been posted.

3/14/09 Updated the calendar with a lot more 2009 events.

2/8/09 Added photos from 2008 fall tactical.

1/24/09 Loaded 2009 membership application. Updated calendar to include 2009 events.

12/28/08 Put in a home front booklet on mending your way to victory. You can find it on the paperwork page.

12/27/08 Added photos of the 2008 Fort Snelling event.

12/13/08 Added more content to the poetry page.

9/01/08 Added a page of poetry from the Central High School literary club of Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

8/23/08 Added pay scale to the army rank page. Check out the history page to get to the proper area.

8/03/08 Added photos from the Minnesota Historical Society dance.

7/13/08 Added the pay allotment form to the paperwork page.

7/8/08 Updated the calendar.

6/30/08 Added another unsatisfactory equipment report to the paperwork page as well as pictures from a recent event to the gallery page.

5/25/08 Added USO living record envelope to paperwork section.

5/12/08 Added photos from the Big Lake, MN tactical.

3/22/08 Added pictures to the wardrobe page.

3/20/08 Added the BD-71 switchboard manual to the paperwork page.

3/2/08 Added a manual and report to the paperwork page.

2/23/08 Calendar is updated with yet more events.

2/17/08 Corrected some bad code and uploaded photos of engineers chests.

2/12/08 Posted more pictures from 2007 events.

2/11/08 Updated the unit calendar.

2/10/08 Added a few pictures from 2007 events.

2/05/08 Added some more free paperwork for reenactors.

1/20/08 Updated the unit and gun show calendars.

12/20/07 Added manual for war correspondents to the paperwork section.

11/25/07 Updated the calender with 2008 events and update the gun show calendar.

9/25/07 Added yet more pictures to the 2007 gallery.

9/17/07 Added pictures to the 2007 gallery.

7/15/07 Updated the calendar and added an item to the paperwork page.

7/04/07 Added a manual on the use of BD-71 & BD-72 switchboards, how to set up your switchboards, and how to troubleshoot the EE-8 field phone.

6/20/07 Added train event to calendar.

4/15/07 Additional paperwork posted.

4/3/07 Added an angriculture award to the paperwork page.

3/21/07 Calendar updated with additional events and information. More pictures from the aftermath of the battle of Mortain, including pictures from 1944 and the same view in 2006.

3/18/07 Added more photos taken by T/5 Hugh Dyer. You can find them in the historical photos section.

3/04/07 More events added to the calendar.

2/25/07 Added a photo of a footbridge the 105th ECB may have built, addition links to vendors, and a calendar of gun shows in the Twin Cities area.

2/18/07 Added a letter from a soldier to his girlfriend, showing soldier's colorful language of the time.

2/15/07 Updated the links page.

2/2/07 Updated calendar with additional events.

12/28/06 Corrected a few bad links in the photo gallery area.

12/27/06 Added a couple of Signal Corps cards to the free paperwork page.

12/26/06 Corrected some photos that weren't coded properly. Added a book published by a 30th Division medic to the bibliography page.

11/23/06 More event photos added, including Marty's favorite.

11/16/06 Web site moved to new server. Added backlog of event photographs and updated calendar.

7/11/06 Added another engineer field manual to the bibliography.

7/05/06 Added photos from Fort Snelling event as well as historical panoramic photos of Headquarters & Service and F Companies from 1940 and 1941.

6/21/06 More Ripley and Red Wing photos.

6/16/06 And yet more Camp Ripley pictures.

6/13/06 More Camp Ripley and Red Wing photos.

6/12/06 Added photos from the Camp Ripley event.

5/26/06 Reformatted the unit structure page to make it more pleasing to read.

5/19/06 Added links to the Yahoo demolition discussion board and the Combat Engineer section of the reenactor forum.

5/18/06 Added photos from Jefferson Barracks event.

5/16/06 Added photos of Staff Sergeant Archie Snow to the historical photographs section.

4/24/06 Japanese and Italian mines added.

4/21/06 German mines are in place.

4/20/06 French, Dutch, & Hungarian mines have been added. Minor revision to the bibliography page to make it purtier.

4/19/06 The basic engineer gear page continues to evolve. Recent additions include the American mines and today's block of uploads contains the British mines and fuzes.

4/10/06 Added more engineer manuals and revised the description on the Hagensen Pack. Added a BA-30 battery label to the paperwork page.

4/3/06 Added a 30th division video to the bibliography page.

3/31/06 The usual calendar updates as new information on events comes in. We've also added a page on basic engineer gear and another on engineer manuals. The gear can be accessed through our links page and the manuals through the links page or gear page. Also added an entry to our cleaning page.

3/10/06 Updated the calendar and added a new 30th Division site to the links page.

3/07/06 Added additional photos from the 2005 Antigo Liberty Days event.

3/01/06 Took the pricing out of the basic reenacting gear page so I don't have to update it all the time.

2/22/06 Updated the calendar with additional events.

2/14/06 Threw a new picture on the identification page.

2/06/06 Added blasting cap protectors to our for sale page.

1/27/06 Added a blasting cap protector box to the paperwork section.

1/19/06 Updated the membership application.

1/12/06 Added a link to a source for free paperwork as well as more paperwork on our own site.

12/21/05 Added link to the Camp Blanding Museum.

12/02/05 Added photos of Sgt Scott and 3rd Squad, 3rd Platoon, Company A in the historical photographs section.

11/24/05 Added a graphic to the rank pages to show how the chevrons are to be placed on your sleeve. Put an application on the "getting started" page. Added a couple of overcoats to the for sale page. Updated the unit crest page with an additional graphic to show the modern and period correct DIs.

11/23/05 Added a couple of books to the bibliography.

11/22/05 Changed more title graphics. Updated pricing on the equipment page. Corrected a description on the ranks page. Clarified descriptions on the links page and added a link to a new message board. Added links to the "getting started" page to make the information more accessible. Added another tidbit to the "care & cleaning" page. Added additional vendors.

11/21/05 Added a page with free paperwork to download. Please see the links page for access to that area, although I don't have the files behind the links yet. Fixed the title graphics on some more pages. Corrected some broken links.

11/9/05 Changed out the graphics on the page "about our squad."

11/2/05 Updated the U.S. Army rank page with new graphics and additional ranks. Added a page listing 105th ECB products for sale.

10/25/05 Updated the bibliography page to add a book and make it more visually pleasing. Corrected a few captions and links.

10/20/05 Added Fort McCoy pictures from the HRS national battle.

10/17/05 Added entry for the Fort Leonard Wood engineer museum on the links page. Cleaned up the header on all the pages to make the site purty. Cleaned out broken links to defunct vendors and research sites.

10/04/05 Rewrote the History page to correct my poor sentence structure.

9/27/05 Added pictures from last weekend's Midway Village encampment in Rockford Illinois.

9/19/05 Dropped in pictures from the Camp Ripley event.

9/06/05 Added 30th Division reunion photos. Updated a few historical photographs with the identities of people.

8/23/05 Added an item to our links page with articles on the 30th Division.

8/22/05 Added another book to the bibliography.

8/18/05 Added photos for the Antigo and Fort Snelling events.

8/16/05 Reworked the historical photos pages so they're easier to navigate. Updated links page to take out defunct web sites and add new resources.

8/15/05 Added photos from the Minnesota History Center - event dedicating a new display commemorating the Greatest Generation.

8/08/05 Added photos from the MVPA convention and the 99th Battalion reunion. Updated the calendar to add another event - Minnesota History Center.

8/01/05 Added photos from Fort Snelling display. Cleaned up some code. Added 99th Battalion reunion to calendar.

7/21/05 Added Spooner event to the calendar.

7/07/05 Calendar updates:

Added in a few photographs from Fort Jackson.

6/05/05 A minor update to the calendar. Added more tips to the equipment care and cleaning page.

4/27/05 Added more events to the calendar page, as if that's even possible.

4/08/05 Reworked the gallery page of the 30th Division today and added some photographs.

3/10/05 More photos from Cpl Goodwin's collection.

3/03/05 Added photos of a camera that Cpl Goodwin got from a German soldier. Please ignore the irony of posting pictures of a camera. A link to the page can be found at the bottom of the historical photographs page in the gallery.

Speaking of the hitorical photographs page, I'll be redoing that in the next several months to make it more manageable. We've received so many photos that it's getting to be a bit unwiedly.

2/20/05 Added video to the bibliography page.

2/16/05 Updated the calendar with additional events and a slightly different look to make it easier to read.

1/01/05 Added live fire shoot to the calendar.

12/26/04 Refined the calendar again.

12/06/04 Updated the calendar.

11/29/04 Added a ToE (Table of Equipment) chart to the unit structure page.

11/18/04 Added photos of Mortain, France and gave them their own page. There are too many photographs on the historical page, so I had to move some off. I may do more of the same with other pictures just to keep things neatly organized.

You can find the link to the Mortain photos at the bottom of the historical page.

11/04/04 Added links to a couple of websites dedicated to the 30th Division.

10/30/04 We've recently made contact with Cpt. Cofer, commander of A Company through much of its push through Belgium and Germany. We added several photos from his collection as well as commentary he provided for other photos. The calendar got some updates also.

10/25/04 More historical photos of the 105th in France came in the mail today.

10/24/04 More historical photos of the 105th and its handiwork. And, you guessed it, the calendar has been updated. No more updates for a while!

10/19/04 Yet more calendar updates.

10/18/04 Updated the calendar with 2005 events. Added more photos to the MVPA gallery. Added a page in the basic gear section on how to get a rifle through the CMP.

10/04/04 Added more historical photos of the 105th and pictures from the MVPA event to their respective gallery page. Added shoes, the M1941 jacket, and the haversack to the basic equipment page.

9/27/04 Updated the calendar.

9/20/04 Added another book to the bibliography page.

9/18/04 Added more photos to the gallery.

9/05/04 Updated the calendar.

9/04/04 Added photos of the 105th in action today.

8/08/04 Added photos from this year's Fort Snelling event.

7/18/04 Added a couple more vendors.

6/20/04 Added pictures from the Charles City event and updated our calendar.

4/25/04 Added the Corps of Engineers logo.

4/19/04 Redid the gallery page just because I can. OK, it was to make the whole thing more legible as the squad grows and we add more events.

4/14/04 Updated the calendar and added more shopping links.

4/09/04 Additional pages made for the basic gear page.

3/29/04 More events in the calendar.

3/24/04 Updated the calendar and added a few more links.

3/21/04 Added photos from more events the 105th attended.

3/20/04 Added photos from a trip to Camp Blanding, Florida.

3/08/04 Updated the calendar with details for the Jackson Street roundhouse event.

3/02/04 Updated the calendar with additional events. Updated the links page with the Camp Blanding museum page and took out a broken link to a defunct Camp Blanding site.

2/19/04 Added a few more links to other re-enacting groups and research.

2/18/04 Updated the calendar with additional events.

1/28/04 Added a few more pictures to the gallery.

12/30/03 Moved the site to a new server. Updated the calendar with additional events.

11/25/03 Added to the identification page where you can tell if you're buying WWII gear.

11/21/03 Updated information for the WWII memorial dedication on Dec 7.

11/14/03 Put a new section in the gallery for historical photographs. Only one photo there now, but I'll be adding more as soon as I get a new scanner.

11/13/03 Added pages on the 105th's command structure, rank insignia, and Army composition during WWII. Four new pages in all.

10/30/03 Updated the calendar for 2004.

10/23/03 Added photos to the national battle and rifle meet pages.

10/21/03 This site, www.105th.org, has gone live.

10/18/03 Put in a chart for calculating your hate size.

10/14/03 Put in photos from the HRS National battle. Not much there -- I didn't get any on Saturday during the battle due to rain. If you have pictures you'd like to contribute, feel free to email me.

9/29/03 Added a brief history of the 105th.

9/24/03 Added a bibliography of re-enactment and research books. Access can be found on the links page.

9/02/03 Put in pictures from the Rosemount tactical event. Added a page on how to clean and care for your equipment. Link can be found on the links page.

8/26/03 Added a page listing basic re-enacting gear every soldier should have. It's not complete yet, but it's a good start. Also added a page on how to identify items that are WWII vintage. Both can be accessed through the links page.

Put in details for the Rosemount tactical event this weekend. The link can be found on the calendar of events page.

8/23/03 Put the 30th Division patch on all the pages.

8/22/03 Added events to the calendar to bring it to the end of 2003. Put a few new links to vendor's sites as well as research links.

8/09/03 Added links to websites detailing where the 30th Division trained.

8/06/03 Updated calendar page with unit meeting information.

8/06/03 Added a link to the memoirs of Lt General Carroll H. Dunn.

8/05/03 Added the calendar of events page. Made some minor changes to the formatting to make the information flow better.

8/04/03 Updated the link to the message board.

8/03/03 Nothing new. Sorry...

Oh, I guess I added in the links, getting started, and photo gallery pages.

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